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When we want to create an event, it’s important to have a website to attract more sponsors, speakers and attendees, and a mobile application to improve the engagement between the attendees. Currently, to get this solution, we need to hire an IT team what leads to high costs and large development time.

ezConferences has the solution for that, in just 60 seconds each event can get its own website and mobile app, with the major advantage of have a management dashboard where the event organiser can edit the website and mobile app’s content simultaneously without any programming skills.

On 5 and 6 of March, we will have a stand at BTL – Feira Internacional de Turismo – and everyone is invited to visit us where we will make live presentations of our platform.

See you!

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Our sight of Web Summit’15 in Dublin

Web Summit is known by many as the world’s most exciting annual technology conference, we went there and we are here to tell our sight!

The arrival

A joint participation with Hype Labs – a startup company incubated in UPTEC at Oporto, with whom we have a partnership with – allowed us to share the possibility of attending at this incredible event in which we went as an ‘alpha’ company.ezconferences first day at web summit

We arrived in Dublin on November, 2 by noon and then we took the afternoon to know a bit about the surroundings so we can get used to it and guide ourselves in the following days. After that we went to the precinct to get our credentials so we could avoid the following day giant queues of people.

In that night we participated in the 1st Night Summit where, for the first time, we were able to interact with so many creative people that shared a common interest, which is to create a startup business.

Besides, knowing people from all around the globe, gave us the opportunity to exchange contacts with them, in order to create potential partnerships in the future.

The Talk Marathon

Next morning, we got up early so we didn’t miss any of the talks that we wanted to watch. The stage we had more interest in was the “Startup University Summit”, because it was the one that explicitly addressed the most interesting points to a startup company, regardless of its maturity state.

One critique we have to point out is that the stage was way too small for the number of people interested in attending the lectures.We hope that, in future editions, they’ll improve this, since one of them (next one) will take place in Portugal, our home country.

This stage was full of renowned speakers like the Instagram CTO (Mike Krieger), Wrike CEO (Adrew Filev) which also wrote a really great article about his path there; and many more awesome people!

We also visited other stages from which we highlight:

The Design Stage in which we had the opportunity to see one of the brilliant minds behind the creation of the known Magic Mouse from Apple:

magic mouse apple web summit 2015

The Machine Stage where we attended a keynote given by the CEO of Pebble SmartWatch:

pebble smartwatch web summit 2015

In the Main Stage we witnessed the talks of the Kickstarter CEO and the Instagram CTO about the impressive evolution of their platform algorithm:

Another critique we have to do is related to the meals, unlike previous editions where they were offered, this year they were paid at a really uninviting price! This restrains a chance of networking that could be harnessed. We ended up having lunch outside of the restricted areas because it was possible to eat better for less money.

web summit 2015 outside

At night, the routine was similar. We took the Night Summit opportunity to socialize and meet new people so we could enhance our network.

Our 15 Minutes of Fame!web summit 2015 ezconferences stand

The third day was quite different from the others, as it was the day set aside for our stand.

We took a different approach in this event, unlike the others, since we were two representatives. One stood in the stand answering the visitor’s questions and the other walked around in order to find and captivate visitors, increasing significantly the success rate in terms of contacts and advertising.

This day was amazing! We got to show ourselves really well and we raised a lot of potential partners and customers.

web summit 2015 slow wificuckuu web summit 2015Since the stands had to respect standardization rules, they all looked almost the same. So the companies had to think in a creative ways to capture the attention of the participants.

That being said, we must congratulate our Portuguese colleagues, from Cuckuu, for literally wear the brand!

Wi-Fi signal was really slow, giving rise to some satire. We hope next year, in Lisbon, they are able to solve this problem.

Once the event finished, it was time to actually get to know the wonderful city that is Dublin. Contrary to what is normal there, we were quite lucky with the weather which allowed us to walk around the city and see all the important places!

From what we saw, we have to highlight the Guinness Storehouse, Dublinia, The National Wax Museum and The Old Jameson Distillery.

If you are thinking of visiting Dublin, we suggest you to take 3 days, since you will be able to fill and enjoy them pretty well!


If you’re interested, take a look at our web site at: http://info.ezconferences.com/

We just went live and we really hope to meet your expectations regarding the World of Conferences!